I learned about Dust Mites by accident. I was scrolling through Facebook, and fell down a rabbit hole where I learned all about these microscopic pests. I found out that they live in most American homes.  They live, die, lay eggs and "go" 20x a day! They are everywhere and it's practically impossible to avoid them. The very idea that they were probably in all the beds in my home motivated me to do something about it.

I went looking for a product to kill and remove them from my home. What I found surprised me. There were sprays which killed them, and expensive mattress vacuums which removed them, but there was no single product that did both economically.

I created this kit to protect my family. I kept one in each bedroom and treated our pillows and top of sheets every day, just for my peace of mind. I spent just a few minutes for each bed. 

After a few days I noticed that my morning runny nose stopped! I stopped taking allergy medication and remained symptom free. Halleluiah!

Then, I learned that 20 million Americans were also allergic to dust mites.

I started producing on a large scale and Sheet Fresh was born! 

Sheet Fresh was created out of love, and is now available to everyone. 

Just spray, let dry and roll. Enjoy easier breathing for you and your loved ones! 

From the Mayo Clinic:

Dust mites are microscopic, and live unseen, in 90% of American beds.

What is a dust mite? From the AAFA.ORG