Love this new product - it's helping my allergies and I'm sure it's freeing my bedding of dust mites. Lovely fragrance and easy to use. Thank you, Sheet Fresh!!!


My name is Rita. I received my Sheet Fresh and OMG! It has helped me and my husband tremendously with nasal congestion, runny nose and all of our other morning allergy symptoms. I will be ordering more!  TY Sheet Fresh!

- Rita

I'm so happy I found Sheet Fresh! I've struggled with allergies for years and never thought what was on my sheets might be contributing to my issues. Sheet Fresh has helped me sleep better, both in duration and quality. I don't wake up congested anymore and I feel refreshed and ready for the day. Thank you!


It's taken a few days to realize that using Sheet Fresh has significantly reduced my morning nasal stuffiness. Better breathing continues through the day. I like the great fresh scent.

- S. S.